Buying Power of Sale Property

Are you an investor and always looking for great deals? Power of Sale or Foreclosure sound always sound like the ones you want. But this is a great myth and misunderstanding that properties being sold under “Power of Sale” can be purchased well below market value in comparison to other similar neighbouring properties. This may not stand true always.
So, it starts as the owners of the property were not able to honour the mortgage payments and the lender sells the property under the Power of Sale.Under the Mortgage Act lenders are acting as “trustee” for their interests involved within the property.The mortgagee will obtain independent appraisals to get professional opinions about the market value of the property and list the property.

The mortgagee is required to sell the property for market value Since borrowers were not keeping up on the mortgage payments that means most probably the upkeep the property must have been deferred. Since there are many people interested in great deals, more people are interested, and it usually ends up in multiple offer situation. Now a run-down property under mortgage default is selling for above asking price in relation to other comparable properties that were better maintained.
That’s a puzzle now.
PV Realty Advisors will help you with an independent, unbiased, and professional opinion of the most probable price for Power of Sale Property you are interested to buy.

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