Listing / Selling Appraisals in Toronto

If you are selling your home, do you know the value of your home? What are the advantages of pricing right? What are the disadvantages of overpricing?
Homeowners usually don’t have full access to current market data. The information that they may obtain from friends and other sources may be partial or not accurate. We at PV Realty Advisors will provide you a report with the analysis and conclusions that how we arrived at the most probable price the property will sell. The residential real estate appraisal can be your great bargaining tool and help you position it to the prospective buyers for its marketing.

Whether you are listing with a realtor or selling privately as FSBO (for sale by owner), PV Realty Advisors will provide you with an unbiased and accurate opinion of value. Realtor sometimes have an interest in obtaining your listing and they will list it at the price you want to hear. With an independent appraisal you know value of your home and can be at better stand to plan the selling strategy further.

Overpricing may miss your target market. If Buyers perceive it overpriced, they usually prefer to wait till the price is reduced and try other options in the meantime. As the over pricing typically increases the exposure period and listing becomes “stale” and usually may get overlooked in the market and thereby may not get an offer. The Buyers and Buyer’s agents may not want to offend the Sellers by offering a significantly lower price than the listed one.
Overpricing will not help you but rather help the competition sell faster as the real estate agent may use overpriced property as reference to a more realistically priced one. The fact is Buyers may know the market better than the Sellers as they are looking at many other comparable homes too.
On the other side if you are planning to list it under price to create a competition for multiple offers, the you better know your bottom line

PV Realty Advisors will help you with an independent, unbiased and professional opinion of the most probable price for your home.

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