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By completing the payment information below, you are further acknowledging that you understand that the appraisal fee is not contingent upon the final determination of the value or closing of a loan. As such, you agree to pay the agreed-upon amount, and will not claim a chargeback with your credit card company upon completion of the report. The appraisal fee is for the service of valuing your property by an AIC member (Appraisal Institute of Canada) appraiser, regardless of whether or not your loan is funded or whether or not the lender releases the appraisal or you are in agreement with the conclusions arrived at. This fee for service is non-refundable.

You also accept and understand that this appraisal is a professional service, and will consist of a completed appraisal report/service that is to be provided to your mortgage broker. Once again, if our service was for a financing application, your broker and lender are our clients, and therefore PV Realty Advisors Inc. will conduct all business with them. Should you request a copy of, or have any concerns with the report, you must contact your broker.

The cardholder will pay issuer the below amount pursuant to cardholder agreement.

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