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We provide Commercial Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting services in Toronto for a wide range of commercial properties such as:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Investment
  • Mixed-Use
  • Multi Residential
  • Income Properties
  • Special Use Properties

Our Commercial Property Appraisal in Toronto  includes an array of services such as Market Overview, Lease Reviews, Market Rent Analysis, Argus Modelling & Sensitivity Analysis, Property Tax Assessment Review and Coordinating with Third Party Professionals.

We offer our expertise and are qualified to provide Due Diligence and Transaction Support for the commercial real estate appraisal in Toronto. With our in-depth experience in commercial appraisal in Toronto, we are well equipped to provide you with precise market intelligence and advice. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of market and full transparency allows us build long-lasting relationships.

Qualified Commercial Property Appraisers

PV Realty Advisors is a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting Firm Toronto based providing valuation & consulting services for a wide range of commercial, residential and investment properties. We provide reliable commercial real estate appraisal services to our clients in Toronto & Greater Toronto area with professionalism.

We provide superior quality commercial real estate appraisal service while maintaining the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s standards. Our unbiased exceptional service and approach to Commercial Real Estate Appraisals and Consulting Services make us the apparent choice compared to other appraisal firms in Toronto. Our staff is available during and after business hours and well-trained to handle the varying needs of our clients.

The firm’s principal is a designated member of the AIC and a real estate broker for 15+ years, offering vast experience in commercial, industrial, and investment real estate. All commercial real estate appraisals conducted by PV Realty Advisors are conducted with the highest degree of integrity, competence, and timeliness, always ensuring professionalism. Our real estate appraisers are also available on evenings and weekends and are committed to providing you with a superior quality of service.

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Commercial Property Appraisal

Get Real Worth of Your Property

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals FAQ

Do you have any questions about commercial real estate appraisal Toronto? Are you looking for the resolution of all the queries related to commercial real estate appraisal? If yes is the answer to the above-listed questions, you are in the right place. We have got you covered with the basic queries and questions that you might want to inquire about.

Here are the common questions regarding commercial appraisal answered by us:

What kind of commercial appraisals determine the values of the property?

The value of the commercial real estate is usually derived following the three different methods. This is done by a qualified appraiser.

  • Cost Approach:

This method involves considering the fair market value of the commercial property that also includes depreciation and assessing the cost of a building that is the exact replica of the concerned property. The method begs the question regarding finding a similar site and conjecturing the same costs of constructions. Because of these as well as other questionable assumptions, the appraisers make the use of new real estate having few comps.

  • Sales Comparison Approach:

This method is also known as the market approach and it is a more preferred option in the commercial real estate industry. This is because it takes into consideration the current market value. The appraiser assumes that the buyer will spend only what has been drawn by a similar property. The analysis then compares different important features of the property like location, condition, size, floor plan, surrounding neighbourhood, and others.

  • Income Capitalization Approach:

This method involves a very reasonable expectation or assumption of the property’s profit that it is likely to generate over the next few years. This approach is mainly used when the property earns income such as office buildings, shopping complexes, large apartment buildings, etc. Both the lenders and investors make a close examination of the value to decipher if they can recoup the money.

What kinds of reports are made by the appraisers?

If you know how to plan to use the report of appraisal, it is recommended to tell your appraiser about the same. They usually help you in terms of the appropriate written commercial appraisal report that you need them to research and complete. The Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice permits that appraisers to carry out a self-contained, summary, and limited-use reports of the commercial appraisal.

All these reports include important details like the description of the land, its estimated value, the kinds of risks involved, negative aspects of the property like environmental contamination, etc. impacting the overall value of the market.

Self-contained reports on the commercial real estate appraisal Toronto make the use of all the information and analyses gathered by the appraiser. This provides details into an extensive range of the information of property along with references to information found outside the report.

The summary reports also help to sum up all the data that has been uncovered by the appraiser. The most frequently requested report, in this case, includes access to additional details and analyses in the files that aren’t covered in the earlier reports.

The reports that are of restricted-use comprise the conclusion of the appraisal. You are recommended to reach out to a separate file outside the report to gather the supporting evidence. Out of all these reports, the restricted-use report is only seen by the client. These reports are the shortest and don’t cost you a fortune.

If you don’t want a written report, the appraiser can impart a verbal opinion of the commercial real estate value that is based on his analysis. The overall fee of any commercial real estate appraisal Toronto report is a minimum of $2, 000. The average cost could range around $4,000. The fee of the very large-scale commercial project report ranges between $10, 000 and $25, 000 respectively.

Who can see the final commercial appraisal report?

According to strict professional standards, appraisers must maintain the confidentiality of their clients. This rule, therefore, prohibits them from sharing the results of the report with others unless permitted by their clients. The final commercial appraisal report can be viewed by the bank, the seller, as well as the local property tax appeal.

What are the overlooked aspects that one must be aware of?

Various aspects of commercial property aspects are overlooked. It is important to ensure that the appraisal entertains a date recorded, making it the most sense for one and all. The commercial appraisal could be dated on the real date of the inspection, a past date known as retrospective appraisal, or a future date known as prospective appraisal.

Apart from this, it is recommended to review the appraisal properly. Check if the appraiser has scrutinized all the important characteristics of the property. If not, let the appraiser know about the same. As the appraiser leaves no stone unturned in giving you the true value of the property, you must provide all the important material to enable him to conduct their job properly.

What are the other things that are to be considered during the process?

It is important to keep in mind a multitude of sources of possible inaccuracies exist when an appraiser carries out commercial real estate appraisal Toronto. The issues such as restricted information, no walkthrough of similar properties, unrecorded details, etc. might sprout up during the process. Because of all these issues, the appraiser might offer different possible values and not an exact figure.

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